Why Alterna CBD?

We trust our products enough to give them to our friends, family, and pets. Our CBD products are the purest and best quality on the internet. We stand by this and we want you to feel confident in our products also. We offer a 100% money back 60 day guarantee. Alterna also offers a price match to any competitor similar CBD product. We have a product like no one else on the market. Our pain relief cream targets the mmp’s (Matrix metalloproteinases) in the cell and uses Patent Pending K Channel™ technology created by Dr. Steven Monroe. Alterna Therapies Inc. is dedicated to giving you an unrivaled customer experience when you choose to use our products and are here to help answer any questions you may have.

100% Customer Satisfaction 

Best Priced CBD

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$90750mg CBD OIL
  • No Guarantees
  • Overpriced

Alterna CBD Price

$4900750mg CBD OIl
  • 100% Customer Guarantee
  • 100% USA grown hemp

Dr. Formulated  K Channel™ Technology

Xtreme Relief Pain Cream combines the beneficial effects of CBD with Dr. Steve Monroe’s ‘K’ Channel ® Technology to deliver benefits that are unmatched by any CBD-only or even any pharmaceutical product, with none of the side effects or downsides of pharmaceutical drugs.

The CBD in Xtreme Relief Pain Cream reduces pain and inflammation, and at 200 mg CBD per oz it is available at a much higher than other products you’ll find in the market. In addition, Xtreme Relief Pain Cream also includes ‘K’ Channel ® Technology ingredients developed by Dr. Monroe.

‘K’ Channel ® effectively doubles the reduction in inflammation, and it also does something else that virtually no other product–even pharmaceutical drugs–can do. It safely blocks the damaging effects of chronic conditions that degrade our tissues and joints. In Arthritis, this damage results in degraded painful joints. In Neuropathy, or any chronic nerve pain, this damage results in loss of the nerve’s protective coating, the myelin sheath. In bedsores or chronic wounds, this damage results in chronic, non-healing wounds.

100% USA Grown CBD