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The #1 CBD Pain Cream on the Market!

There is nothing on the CBD market that is any thing close to our strongest 400 mg CBD pain relief cream. When it comes to potency, efficacy, and price, this CBD pain cream is like nothing else out there. Formulated by Dr. Steve Monroe Ph.D. of Plant Biology. Created to reduce inflammation through two separate pathways, CBD and K Channel®, our cream also blocks the ongoing tissue, joint, and nerve damage caused by Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMPs). Under normal circumstances, MMPs play a key role in repairing damaged tissue. However in injury or through inflammation they can actually create even more damage.

Our K Channel® blocks these MMPs damaging effects in and also greatly reduces the inflammation within your tissues. When combined with hemp-derived CBD you get real pain relief!

 Our Xtreme Relief Hemp CBD freeze roller ball

Our Xtreme Relief Hemp CBD pain relief cream